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Introducing the IAMUCLA Stimulus Package!

Greetings UCLA IT Community,

Happy spring time! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and hopefully, applications will start migrating(smile)

We need ISIS application administrators to be more proactive in migrating to Shibboleth. So we are going to start having random Bruin Card credit prize drawings in June for people who complete migration of their applications. You can use the credit for anything ranging from merchandise at the ASUCLA store, lunch for yourself, team lunches for your dept, various vendors in Westwood, etc. Not to mention that you will HAVE to migrate before the end of the year anyways.

Here are the details:

For May, to give recognition to those who have already taken the initiative to migrate, we are giving away (2) $75 credits that will transfer onto their Bruin Card. Each person who migrated an application before May 22 will get an entry into the drawing. Our first winners will be announced on May 22 as well.

For June, we have (5) $75 credits for those who complete migrating an app by June 30.

July, (4) $75 credits for those completed by July 31.

Aug, (3) $75 credits for those completed by Aug 31.

Sept, (2) $75 credits, by Sept 30.

Oct, (1) $75 credits, by Oct 31.

Nov, (0) credits.

Dec, We beg you NOT to wait till then!

Application administrators will get 1 entry for completing their first application and 1 additional entry for completing ALL their applications.

So, obviously, migrating earlier will give you a much better shot of winning compared to waiting. We understand that the prize isn't a mind-blowing bonus, but the university actually limits how much you can receive before making you file it as income. This is our way of kindly asking that you HELP US, HELP YOU, as ISIS WILL BE SHUT OFF on Dec 31, 2009.

So, there you have it... Introducing the IAMUCLA Stimulus Package!

We hope this message makes it to all ISIS application administrators. Please feel free to forward it to your colleagues if you think they may be involved with the migration.

Hope to hear from you soon. To get started with migration or for comments / questions, email us.

Thanks for your time.

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