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UCLA Gartner Access Q & A

What does offer? 

Gartner, Inc. is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. delivers the technology-related research content to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to CIOs and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies,  as well as to IT professionals at all levels.  

What is the difference between Gartner core research content and Burton IT1 research content? 

Gartner core research focuses on IT strategies and provides technology-related insights for IT organization leaders to facilitate decision-making. The core research is available to UCLA employees and students at after log on at Burton IT1 research content is a result of Gartner’s recent acquisition of Burton Group. Gartner is now able to provide technically in-depth research content tailored to IT professionals such as architects and engineers. These researches are categorized as BurtonIT1 content and is available to UCLA IT Staff at after log on at

Who has access to Gartner core research content?

Current UCLA employees and students have access to Gartner core research content. See here for details. 

Who has access to Burton IT1 research content?

UCLA IT staff has access to Burton IT1 research content in addition to the core research content. See here for details. 

How do I access Gartner research content?

1. Go to You will be redirected to the UCLA Single Sign On page.

2. Log on using your UCLA Logon ID and password.

3. Click on one of the links to agree/disagree sharing your information with Gartner.

4a. If you have only Gartner core access, you will be redirect to for Gartner core research content.

4b. If you have Burton IT1 access, you will be redirected to for Burton IT1 content. This higher-level access allows you to access Gartner core content as well. To access Gartner core content, click the drop down box "Select a Gartner site" at the upper-right corner, and select Classic This will take you to for Gartner core content.

5 You will receive a email shortly for regarding your registration with

Can I personalize my account at

Yes, you can setup personalized alerts for as many topics as you prefer to receive daily email alerts with a list of links to your requested content. 

How do I setup personal alerts for my account?

1. Go to and log on.

2. Click on Create Alerts on the Gartner web page.

3. Choose a Recommended Alert or Create a Custom Alert

4. Type in the email address that you would like to receive the alert, select your preference for Frequency and Include, and click on the green button Save Alert

What will happen to my personal alerts previously setup at

Your personal alerts previously setup will be lost after this integration. To re-setup your personal alerts, please follow the steps in the previous questions.

What will happen to my Gartner account if I have signed up a Gartner account at before? 

You Gartner account will not be affected by this integration. You can still go to to sign up directly using your Gartner account.

Will my access change automatically when my affiliation with UCLA changes?

No. updates UCLA accounts periodically. Your access will stay the same until updates UCLA accounts to reflect the change of your affiliation with UCLA. If you need to get your access updated right away, please contact

Where can I go to get help?

For  more questions or help,  please contact ITS Service Desk at (310)206-6951 or Thank you!

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