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Gartner Access Type

Gartner Core Access

Gartner core content is open to UCLA employees and students. To qualify, you need to be currently enrolled student, and/or current employee with an non-separate status.

Burton IT1 Access

Burton IT1 content is open to UCLA IT Staff. (Burton IT1 Access is a superset of Gartner core content access.) To qualify, you need to meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Having a UCLA IT job title such as:
    • PA I--V
    • CRM I--III
    • CRS I & II
    • Computer Operation
  • Having a senior management job title such as:
    • Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor
    • Executive Director, Associate Executive Director
    • Executive Dean, Dean, Associate Dean
    • Executive Vice Provost, Vice Provost 
    • Executive Officer
    • University Librarian
    • Chief Medical Officer
  • Being employed at UCLA IT department such as:
    • IT Service – department code: 4100, 3200, 3201
    • Medical Center Computing Services - department code: 2855, 2970
    • Life Science Computing - department code: 0855
    • ORIS - department code: 3091, 3092
    • OIT - department code: 4550
    • ATS - department code: 2200
  • Being specifically granted Burton IT1 Access by IAMUCLA support as exceptions
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