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What kind of change will I need to make in my application?

This page is being updated and refined - the information on it is not yet considered to be "official". Thanks for your understanding!

Q. What code changes do I need to make?

  • Remove the code that redirects to ILS for user login.
  • Remove the code calling IWS and handling related errors (for example "904099").
  • Since one of the purposes of calling VerifySession is to get user attributes, after removing the code calling it, you need get user attributes from the http header.
  • If a user who doesn't have a UID in his record signs in, no "000000000" will be returned for UID if your application requests for UID. Instead, you will get nothing for it in this case. So your code needs to be modified accordingly.

Q. Will there be user support issues, i.e., notifying help desks?

Your help desk needs to be involved because Shibboleth displays a lot of error messages in cases of different errors. Users will not see ISIS issued error message any more. More details are coming.

Q. How will it affect the end user?

End users will see the same login page but slight difference during login - the page display is a bit different.

Q. What about Single Sign On (SSO) when my application runs with Shibboleth?

Shibboleth provides SSO across or within organizations. In other words, users of your application will still be enjoying the SSO feature as if your application was still running with ISIS.

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