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IAMUCLA April 2009 Mini-Conference Program

Date/Time: Thursday, April 16, 2009 from 1 to 4 PM
Location: Press Room inside the UCLA Hall of Fame (a.k.a the Morgan Center). Find Morgan Center on the campus map.

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Time: 1:00-1:20 PM
Presenter: Albert Wu

Albert introduces the conference and provide updates on major IAMUCLA activities. You'll find out how campus is doing on migrating from ISIS to Shibboleth. Albert will also cover information on upcoming releases from the IAMUCLA team.

Rolling out the UCLA Logon ID

Time: 1:20-1:40 PM
Presenter: Jackie Reynolds

Deploying UCLA Logon ID to everyone at UCLA is a key part of IAMUCLA. Every IAMUCLA-enabled application will rely on UCLA Logon ID to authenticate a user. Jackie discusses what is being done to make sure everyone has a UCLA Logon ID, and how the account holder verification process (credentialing) will work.

Panel Discussion: Dissecting the technical details behind the ISIS to Shibboleth Migration

Time: 1:45-2:45 PM
Panel: Chris Stromsoe, Datta Mahabalagiri, others to be named
Moderator: Albert Wu

The technical architects behind this migration explain exactly how UCLA's single sign-on service will change. The panel will discuss the technical and support implications as well as propose recommendations to make the transition a smooth experience for the users and the developers.

Birds of a Feather Breakout sessions

Time: 2:55-4:00 PM

The room will break into multiple smaller informal discussion groups. The topics are up to you! Below are some of the suggested topics. Please suggest/vote on topics. (Note: at this time, we can handle 3 topics. If there is to be more, we need additional volunteer moderators.)

  • Shibboleth SP Set Up Q&A - hands on tutorial/demos?
  • Data - How does IAMUCLA get data? where does it come from? how of often is it updated?
  • Groups and Permissions - What's happening in this area?
  • Support - What is the right way to handle support in a single sign on environment? What are your wish lists? Is there opportunity for help desks and applications to cooperate/collaborate?
  • Federated Identity Management Technology - How does Shibboleth compare to potentially competing standards such as OpenID, CardSpace (Info Card), and OAuth?
  • Using IAMUCLA Services - What are some of the interesting uses of campus's single sign-on and IDM services?

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