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  • This is the home of the Higher Education Mobile Coalition space.

Welcome to the Higher Education Mobile Coalition Collaboration Space

FORMED:  JUNE 17th, 2011


Mobile Teams from several Higher Education Institutions (Univ of FL, IU, UCR, UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCI, Cornell, Oxford University, ANU, Jasig, Unicon and Vivantech)  and third party higher education integrators met at UCLA on June 17th to discuss how we could collaborate on the next generation of Mobile Web Applications.  Brett Pollak of UCSD gave a presentation on the very in-depth process they conducted to select a Mobile Web Framework.  The group then discussed the status of current frameworks and a process for tracking them going forward on a quarterly basis. 

We then had a presenter from each of the framework approaches give demos of their development process or tools currently under development.  We viewed some course centric tool demos from Indiana University, A demo on how to utilize the UCLA/UC Mobile Web Framework (MWF), A demo of the UMobile framework (which makes use of UPortal) and a demo from Oxford University of student centric tools (based upon Sakai's Entity Broker).  Links to each of these Mobile Framework approaches can be found below:


We agreed to work together on the data layer of the next generation of Interactive Mobile Apps.   In other words we all want to standardize on a single definition of Mobile Web Services; such that Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard and other LMS's would need to make available a single set of web services to deliver their data to any mobile platform ( UCLA/UC MWF, Kuali Enterprise, UMobile, Molly(JISC-UK))  for mobile app aggregation.  We also agreed to call our ourselves the 'Higher Ed Mobile Coalition' and finally, we agreed to form the following 6 subgroups:

  1. A Mobile Web Frameworks Tracking Group:  This group shall build on the analysis that UCSD began in the winter of 2010 to keep track of and follow Mobile Web Framework activity.
  2. A Mobile Web Developer Training Group: This group will shares ideas on how to train existing web developers to use a Mobile Web Framework
  3. Mobile Web Services Architecture Group:  This group will focus on web services architecture for example going with REST or SOAP
  4. A Student & Course data Mobile Web Services Group:  This group will focus on Web service definitions for course syllabus, schedule, notifications, grade alerts, calendaring and assignments.
  5. A Collaborative Tools Mobile Web Services Group: This group will focus on Web Service definitions for collaborative tools such as forums, wikis, email archives etc... .
  6. A Mobile Course Interaction Web Services Group:  This group will focus on Web Service definitions for polls, quizzes, surveys, teaching evaluations etc.

We also agreed to do the following:

  • Use the IMS standard as a starting point
  • Self select into these 6 groups
  • Find a volunteer Group Leader
  • Hold a monthly call to discuss progress
  • Reconvene at a BOF at Educause

Membership of the Higher Ed Mobile Coalition is based upon attendance at the Mobile Workshop held at UCLA on 6/17/2011

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